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Hang Seng Index
Index Constituent Turnover
9.683 B
Prv Cls 24,667.85
Open 24,589.17
High 24,732.22
Low 24,424.74
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00001CKH HOLDINGSunchange53.7000.0000.000%17.576MHKDCKH Holdings (00001): H3I will be merged into IndosatNews
00002CLP HOLDINGSdown76.150-0.500-0.652%6.570MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00am (1)News
00003HK & CHINA GASup12.400+0.040+0.324%24.904MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (1)News
00005HSBC HOLDINGSdown39.300-0.700-1.750%29.614MHKD{Block Trade}HSBC HOLDINGS: 5.13m shares, or HK$210.62mNews
00006POWER ASSETSdown47.350-0.250-0.525%3.324MHKDPower Assets (00006) interim profits up 11% to HK$2,509mNews
00011HANG SENG BANKup137.600+0.600+0.438%4.024MHKD{Block Trade}HANG SENG BANK: 275k shares, or HK$38.18mNews
00012HENDERSON LANDdown33.050-0.400-1.196%1.919MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (1)News
00016SHK PPTdown104.900-0.300-0.285%27.845MHKD{I-bank focus}Morgan raises SHK PPT (00016) to HK$139News
00017NEW WORLD DEVup34.950+0.100+0.287%2.022MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 11:51amNews
00027GALAXY ENTup39.550+0.450+1.151%66.795MHKD{Block Trade}GALAXY ENT (00027): 2.26m shares, or HK$91.79mNews
00066MTR CORPORATIONup43.750+0.150+0.344%5.452MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (1)News
00101HANG LUNG PPTup17.660+0.100+0.569%2.073MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (1)News
00175GEELY AUTOup25.250+0.150+0.598%27.939MHKD{Hot Stocks}3 listed firms see price swing at 10:57amNews
00241ALI HEALTHup11.320+0.280+2.536%8.706MHKD{Hot Stocks}ALI HEALTH(00241) quoted at HK$11.34, up 2.72%News
00267CITICup9.680+0.080+0.833%2.627MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 11:28amNews
00288WH GROUPup5.650+0.010+0.177%1.553MHKD{Hot Stocks}WH GROUP(00288) quoted at HK$5.55, down 2.97%News
00386SINOPEC CORPdown3.880-0.030-0.767%7.028MHKD{Hot Stocks}SINOPEC CORP(00386) quoted at HK$4, up 3.09%News
00388HKEXdown491.000-1.200-0.244%44.569MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 11:41amNews
00669TECHTRONIC INDdown158.300-3.200-1.981%182.450MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00amNews
00688CHINA OVERSEASdown16.300-0.240-1.451%9.006MHKD{Hot Stocks}3 listed firms see price swing at 9:33amNews
00700TENCENTdown446.800-4.200-0.931%612.940MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (4)News
00762CHINA UNICOMdown4.040-0.010-0.247%6.077MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (2)News
00823LINK REITdown66.850-0.100-0.149%11.488MHKD{Block Trade}LINK REIT (00823): 450k shares, or HK$31.41mNews
00857PETROCHINAdown3.660-0.140-3.684%26.842MHKD{Hot Stocks}5 listed firms see price swing at 9:30amNews
00868XINYI GLASSdown26.000-1.150-4.236%20.489MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 9:31amNews
00883CNOOCdown8.190-0.040-0.486%3.234MHKD{Hot Stocks}CNOOC(00883) quoted at HK$8.29, up 2.73%News
00939CCBdown5.590-0.070-1.237%102.689MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 9:31amNews
00941CHINA MOBILEunchange47.7000.0000.000%24.601MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (5)News
00960LONGFOR GROUPdown32.700-0.300-0.909%20.590MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 1:54pmNews
00968XINYI SOLARup16.960+0.100+0.593%15.177MHKD{Hot Stocks}XINYI SOLAR quoted at HK$16.88, down 4.63%News
01038CKI HOLDINGSdown44.350-0.050-0.113%8.833MHKD{Hot Stocks}CKI HOLDINGS(01038) quoted at HK$44, down 2.98%News
01044HENGAN INT'Ldown40.800-0.850-2.041%21.682MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (5)News
01093CSPC PHARMAup9.320+0.140+1.525%7.702MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (6)News
01109CHINA RES LANDup27.550+0.050+0.182%9.824MHKD{Hot Stocks}CHINA RES LAND quoted at HK$27, down 5.10%News
01113CK ASSETdown45.550-0.500-1.086%72.580MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:02amNews
01177SINO BIOPHARMup6.330+0.060+0.957%8.203MHKD{Hot Stocks}3 listed firms see price swing at 9:45amNews
01211BYD COMPANYunchange249.0000.0000.000%133.530MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (6)News
01299AIAdown86.100-2.000-2.270%408.778MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:01amNews
01398ICBCdown4.320-0.040-0.917%42.571MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (5)News
01810XIAOMI-Wup22.800+0.150+0.662%45.257MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (8)News
01876BUD APACup18.640+0.080+0.431%21.510MHKD{Hot Stocks}BUD APAC(01876) quoted at HK$18.9, up 3.05%News
01928SANDS CHINA LTDdown15.240-0.260-1.677%112.249MHKD{Hot Stocks}4 listed firms see price swing at 9:32amNews
01997WHARF REICdown38.500-0.250-0.645%1.432MHKD{Hot Stocks}WHARF REIC(01997) quoted at HK$39, down 5.22%News
02007COUNTRY GARDENup6.700+0.030+0.450%20.983MHKD{Hot Stocks}3 listed firms see price swing at 10:16amNews
02018AAC TECHup40.150+0.700+1.774%7.790MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 9:30amNews
02020ANTA SPORTSup155.500+3.500+2.303%40.030MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 11:57amNews
02269WUXI BIOup118.500+2.100+1.804%57.749MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 9:30amNews
02313SHENZHOU INTLdown163.900-4.300-2.556%52.668MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing in pre-openingNews
02318PING ANdown56.300-1.100-1.916%387.065MHKD{Hot Stocks}4 listed firms see price swing at 9:32amNews
02319MENGNIU DAIRYup49.000+0.850+1.765%176.825MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 9:31amNews
02331LI NINGup101.800+2.350+2.363%58.637MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (10)News
02382SUNNY OPTICALup223.400+2.200+0.995%20.640MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 3:45pmNews
02388BOC HONG KONGup23.400+0.050+0.214%8.471MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (7)News
02628CHINA LIFEdown12.920-0.180-1.374%3.467MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (8)News
03690MEITUAN-Wdown230.400-2.200-0.946%151.595MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 11:26amNews
03968CM BANKdown63.600-0.350-0.547%51.782MHKD{Hot Stocks}CM BANK(03968) quoted at HK$63.85, down 2.96%News
03988BANK OF CHINAdown2.760-0.030-1.075%13.199MHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:00am (3)News
06098CG SERVICESdown48.200-0.200-0.413%18.283MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (12)News
06862HAIDILAOup30.450+0.750+2.525%7.499MHKD{Hot Stocks}4 listed firms see price swing at 9:32amNews
09988BABA-SWdown150.800-0.700-0.462%148.661MHKD{Hot Stocks}BABA-SW(09988) quoted at HK$149.3, down 3.05%News
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