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Security Tips

Security Tips

To safeguard your online security, ET Net wishes to remind you to stay alerted when accessing and using our online services through our financial and lifestyle website at www.etnet.com.hk, and/or our mobile applications (“ET Net Services”) and also wishes to bring your attention to the following security measures:

Beware of Online Threats

  1. It is not advisable to attempt access to ET Net Services by clicking on any hyperlinks or attachments or scanning any QR codes embedded in or through any third party websites or mobile applications, search engines, emails, SMS messages, instant messages, social networking platforms, URLs or mobile applications of unreliable or questionable sources. You should at all times have access to the ET Net Services through ET Net official website (www.etnet.com.hk) or ET Net Mobile Applications, or by bookmarking ET Net official website (www.etnet.com.hk) for subsequent access. Download and upgrade ET Net Mobile Applications from the official applications stores or our websites.
  2. Please take precautions against hackers, viruses, spyware, and any other malicious software when sending or receiving emails, opening email attachments, visiting websites or downloading files or programs from them which you are well known of or are unreliable. Do not open files or browse websites, or click on the hyperlinks, QR codes and attachments in emails or messages received from SMS, instant messaging and social networking platforms of suspicious origins.
  3. During your access to and use of ET Net Services, you should be aware of any unusual login screens (such as unordinary pop-up window, or unusual slowed computer response, and/or request for providing information of a personal nature). In case of doubt, you should never concede to any instructions of these suspicious webpages for inputting information and should close them immediately.

Protect Your Device

  1. Only use the operating system, mobile applications and browsers recommended by ET Net for access to ET Net Services. Do not “jailbreak” or “root” your mobile device.
  2. Keep the operating system, mobile applications and browsers installed on your device up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches.
  3. You should install firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software/programs in your device and keep them up-to-date and scan your device from time to time to strengthen its security.
  4. Do not download, install or run mobile applications, software or programs from questionable sources on your device. You are recommended to set your device to block automatic or unintended installation of mobile applications, software or programs from unknown sources and keep it properly configured at all times.
  5. Carefully read installation and/or permission requests from websites, mobile applications and other software or programs. Be wary of any unusual or unnecessary requests.
  6. Check the storage, battery, and mobile data usage in your device from time to time to see if there are any suspicious or unnecessary mobile applications and stop them from running in the system. Uninstall any suspicious or unnecessary mobile applications when necessary.
  7. Please set a passcode to lock your device which should be difficult to guess and activate the auto-lock function at all times. If your device is capable of biometric authentication (such as fingerprint or facial recognition), do not let any other person register his/her biometrics on it or impair any features that can strengthen the security of biometric authentication.
  8. Do not share your device with other people or use other people’s devices for access to and use ET Net Services.
  9. Please wipe the data on your old device before you donate, resell or recycle it.
  10. Do not use any public computer or public Wi-Fi network for access to and use ET Net Services. Choose reliable encrypted networks and remove any unnecessary Wi-Fi connection settings when using Wi-Fi for access to the ET Net Services. Please disable any wireless network functions (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, near-field communication (NFC)) whenever such functions are unnecessary.
  11. Please log out ET Net Services by clicking the "Logout" button (if applicable) to exit from the system after you have finished using the services. You should always close the browser and clear the cache and history in your browser after using our services.

Protect Your User ID and Password (If Applicable)

  1. Choose your user ID and password that are hard to guess, and should avoid re-using same or substantially similar user ID and password that you have used or registered for accessing other websites, online services and/or social media accounts.
  2. Please memorise your user ID and password. Do not write them down or store them on any devices or browsers, or record them in any manner that can easily become known to other people without proper precaution. Change your password regularly or from time to time.
  3. Do not allow any third party to use your user ID or password.
  4. Keep your user ID and password secret at all times. Ensure that you do not disclose or share your access information (such as user ID, password or other account details) with anyone under any circumstances, and do not transmit this access information through email or any instant messaging software. You should also avoid disclosing your personal information to anyone or sharing the access information in any social networking platform. Please prevent the disclosure of personal information that could be used to steal your electronic identity (such as name, email address, date of birth, address, telephone number).
  5. Check your surroundings before access to ET Net Services and make sure that no one spy on or get known of your user ID or password without your authority.
  6. Never leave your device unattended while using ET Net Services or let any other persons use your device.
  7. You are advised to change your password immediately to protect your personal information if:
    1. you have ever or at any time made access to ET Net Services by clicking on any hyperlinks or attachments or scanning any QR codes embedded in or through any third party websites or mobile applications, search engines, emails, SMS messages, instant messages or social networking platforms, URLS or mobile applications of unreliable or questionable sources;
    2. you suspect that you have been deceived by a fraudulent website or mobile application, fraudulent email, fraudulent SMS message, instant message or message from the social networking platform, or through a public computer, public Wi-Fi connection, third party's device, or any other means (for example, if you fail to access to a service website or mobile application after entering your correct password whether or not any alert messages appear).
  8. If you have suspected that your password has been used by an unauthorised party, please also change your password immediately and contact our customer services hotline at (852) 2880 8618.

Internet and electronic crimes or fraudulences varies and mutates from time to time and you should be aware of and keep alerted of the risks that they bring about and you need to take constant prudence against them. For protecting our customers, we will endeavor to implement, impose and update security measures and requirements as the circumstances shall from time to time warrant and recommend you to comply with them when using ET Net Services. You as users however are also reminded to take all possible and proper precautionary attitudes and acts to avoid being harmed by these crimes or fraudulences at your end.

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