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China Enterprises Index
Index Constituent Turnover
51.746 B
Prv Cls 5,688.46
High 5,737.72
52-W High 7,100.95
Open 5,643.87
Low 5,643.87
52-W Low 4,943.24
CodeNameNominalSequenceChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00020SENSETIME-Wunchange0.9000.0000.000%245.411MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 11:19amNews
03988BANK OF CHINAdown3.080-0.010-0.324%824.708MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (5)News
01177SINO BIOPHARMup3.130+0.070+2.288%185.924MHKD{Hot Stocks}SINO BIOPHARM(01177) quoted at HK$3.16, up 3.3%News
01288ABCup3.220+0.020+0.625%523.209MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (3)News
01398ICBCdown4.040-0.020-0.493%771.565MHKD{Hot Stocks}ICBC(01398) quoted at HK$4.09, up 2.8%News
01658PSBCdown4.130-0.030-0.721%178.191MHKD{Block Trade}Trading session block trades at 9:38amNews
00386SINOPEC CORPdown4.330-0.040-0.915%500.944MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 1:17pmNews
00968XINYI SOLARup4.760+0.930+24.282%766.715MHKD{I-bank focus}Citi raises Xinyi Solar (00968) to HKD5.8News
00939CCBup4.880+0.010+0.205%1.627BHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (3)News
03328BANKCOMMdown5.140-0.010-0.194%149.770MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (7)News
01093CSPC PHARMAup6.120+0.020+0.328%266.049MHKD{Hot Stocks}CSPC PHARMA(01093) quoted at HK$6.2, down 2.7%News
00857PETROCHINAup6.170+0.010+0.162%755.480MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 1:25pmNews
02618JD LOGISTICSup7.770+0.120+1.569%80.524MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (6)News
00267CITICdown7.910-0.030-0.378%150.729MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (1)News
00175GEELY AUTOup8.560+0.120+1.422%502.621MHKD{Hot Stocks}GEELY AUTO(00175) quoted at HK$8.7, up 5.1%News
00992LENOVO GROUPup8.670+0.050+0.580%1.141BHKD{Hot Stocks}LENOVO GROUP(00992) quoted at HK$8.61, down 3.4%News
02628CHINA LIFEdown9.650-0.080-0.822%247.813MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (6)News
00960LONGFOR GROUPdown9.880-0.070-0.704%484.483MHKD{Hot Stocks}LONGFOR GROUP(00960) quoted at HK$10.26, up 3.1%News
00688CHINA OVERSEASdown11.640-0.220-1.855%269.903MHKD{Hot Stocks}3 listed firms see price swing at 10:24amNews
01810XIAOMI-Wup13.220+0.140+1.070%990.576MHKD{Hot Stocks}XIAOMI-W(01810) quoted at HK$13.06, down 3.1%News
06862HAIDILAOup14.340+0.420+3.017%217.273MHKD{Hot Stocks}4 listed firms see price swing at 10:56amNews
00881ZHONGSHENG HLDGdown14.360-0.060-0.416%72.484MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 2:04pmNews
00883CNOOCdown16.080-0.360-2.190%1.654BHKD{Hot Stocks}CNOOC(00883) quoted at HK$16.8, unchangedNews
00981SMICup16.780+0.940+5.934%1.701BHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 9:59amNews
02331LI NINGup19.520+0.080+0.412%440.918MHKD{Hot Stocks}4 listed firms see price swing at 10:56amNews
02319MENGNIU DAIRYup19.680+0.080+0.408%546.456MHKD{Hot Stocks}MENGNIU DAIRY(02319) quoted at HK$19.64, down 3%News
06690HAIER SMARTHOMEup23.900+0.100+0.420%295.473MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (7)News
01109C RES LAND-500down24.100-0.150-0.619%387.759MHKD{Hot Stocks}C RES LAND-500 quoted at HK$24.65, down 2.8%News
02925C RES LAND-2000unchange25.8500.0000.000%0.000HKD 
06618JD HEALTHup29.800+0.250+0.846%169.246MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 2:48pmNews
01088CHINA SHENHUAdown30.250-1.000-3.200%851.973MHKD{Hot Stocks}CHINA SHENHUA quoted at HK$30.35, down 2.9%News
03968CM BANKdown30.550-0.250-0.812%553.157MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (7)News
00291CHINA RES BEERup33.950+0.700+2.105%533.090MHKD{Hot Stocks}4 listed firms see price swing at 10:56amNews
02318PING ANdown35.100-0.450-1.266%1.712BHKD{Hot Stocks}PING AN(02318) quoted at HK$35.75, down 3%News
09868XPENG-Wup35.900+1.000+2.865%1.102BHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (8)News
09633NONGFU SPRINGup44.400+0.300+0.680%223.558MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 1:00pmNews
01024KUAISHOU-Wup44.500+0.100+0.225%671.573MHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (3)News
02382SUNNY OPTICALdown50.800-0.400-0.781%458.296MHKD{Hot Stocks}2 listed firms see price swing at 2:39pmNews
02688ENN ENERGYup64.350+0.250+0.390%386.269MHKD{Block Trade}ENN ENERGY (02688): 500k shares, or HK$32.5mNews
02313SHENZHOU INTLdown64.550-1.600-2.419%308.809MHKD{Hot Stocks}SHENZHOU INTL quoted at HK$64.2, down 2.9%News
00941CHINA MOBILEdown65.800-0.950-1.423%1.474BHKDSummary of listed companies announcements (2)News
09988BABA-SWdown72.900-1.350-1.818%3.605BHKD{Block Trade}BABA-SW (09988): 450k shares, or HK$33.92mNews
02020ANTA SPORTSup76.750+2.100+2.813%914.280MHKD{Hot Stocks}ANTA SPORTS(02020) quoted at HK$76.9, up 3%News
03690MEITUAN-Wup79.800+1.450+1.851%3.619BHKD{Hot Stocks}MEITUAN-W(03690) quoted at HK$80.55, up 2.8%News
09618JD-SWdown89.050-2.150-2.357%1.555BHKD{Hot Stocks}JD-SW(09618) quoted at HK$88.45, down 3%News
09888BIDU-SWdown99.550-7.050-6.614%2.756BHKD{Hot Stocks}6 listed firms see price swing at 9:30amNews
09999NTES-Sdown176.200-0.500-0.283%1.267BHKD{Hot Stocks}2 China concepts shares price swing at 9:30amNews
02015LI AUTO-Wup177.300+0.400+0.226%2.731BHKD{Block Trade}LI AUTO-W (02015): 312k shares, or HK$56.19mNews
01211BYD COMPANYup193.300+0.400+0.207%1.541BHKD{Hot Stocks}BYD COMPANY(01211) quoted at HK$192.6, down 2.7%News
00700TENCENTup277.200+0.200+0.072%8.232BHKD{Block Trade}Pre-opening block trades at 9:01amNews
09961TRIP.COM-Sup356.800+7.400+2.118%1.105BHKD{Hot Stocks}3 listed firms see price swing in pre-openingNews
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