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China Enterprises Index
Index Constituent Turnover
22.023 B
Prv Cls 10,507.85
Open 10,535.91
High 10,535.91
Low 10,468.52
CodeSequenceNameNominalChange%ChangeTurnoverCurrencyLatest NewsRelated
00151WANT WANT CHINAdown6.270-0.070-1.104%99.645MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC rates Want Want China (00151) HK$7.16News
00175GEELY AUTOdown13.320-0.340-2.489%669.142MHKDGeely Auto (00175) Sep total sales volume down 9%News
00267CITICdown10.120-0.020-0.197%94.794MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC starts CITIC Limited (00267) at HK$11News
00270GUANGDONG INVup16.440+0.120+0.735%161.703MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC raises Guangdong Inv (00270) to HK$16.4News
00291CHINA RES BEERdown41.100-0.400-0.964%229.460MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS downgrades CR Beer (00291) to "neutral"News
00384CHINA GAS HOLDup31.900+0.050+0.157%116.014MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman upgrades China Gas (00384) to HK$36.5News
00386SINOPEC CORPdown4.660-0.040-0.851%271.780MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC lowers Sinopec (00386) to HK$6.35; "buy"News
00390CHINA RAILWAYdown4.760-0.040-0.833%41.365MHKDChina Railway (00390) gets gold mine project EPC contractNews
00656FOSUN INTLdown10.020-0.060-0.595%68.607MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC starts Fosun Int'l (00656) at HK$15.5News
00700TENCENTup328.800+0.600+0.183%4.679BHKD{I-bank focus}Tencent 3Q net seen up 24% to RMB24.4bn - JFENews
00728CHINA TELECOMdown3.590-0.050-1.374%83.313MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts targer prices for China telcosNews
00788CHINA TOWERdown1.700-0.040-2.299%1.017BHKD{I-bank focus}China Tower's 3Q & 4Q earnings seen to beatNews
00857PETROCHINAdown4.110-0.020-0.484%177.403MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa upgrades PetroChina (00857) to HK$5.75 News
00883CNOOCdown11.820-0.140-1.171%452.736MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa downgrades CNOOC (00883) to HK$12.5News
00914CONCH CEMENTdown46.850-1.000-2.090%276.450MHKD{I-bank focus}Goldman lifts Conch Cement (00914) to HK$46News
00939CCBup6.260+0.040+0.643%3.275BHKDAPAC bank profitability under pressure - Moody'sNews
00941CHINA MOBILEdown65.800-0.600-0.904%803.345MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC cuts targer prices for China telcosNews
00960LONGFOR GROUPup32.150+0.050+0.156%194.071MHKDLongfor Group (00960) 9-month contracted sales up 17%News
00966CHINA TAIPINGdown17.820-0.120-0.669%91.978MHKDChina Taiping (00966) units 9-month premium income up 11.5%News
00998CITIC BANKup4.370+0.020+0.460%110.470MHKDChinese banks' 1H show rising asset risk offset by liquidityNews
01044HENGAN INT'Lup51.000+1.000+2.000%115.769MHKD{I-bank focus}JPM upgrades Hengan Int'l (01044) to "neutral"News
01088CHINA SHENHUAup16.020+0.100+0.628%269.888MHKDChina Shenhua (01088) coal production down 7.9% to 23.4m tonNews
01093CSPC PHARMAup16.740+0.040+0.240%433.004MHKDCSPC Pharma (01093) gets drug registration approvalsNews
01099SINOPHARMup25.950+0.100+0.387%88.976MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC lowers Sinopharm Group (01099) to HK$42.2News
01109CHINA RES LANDup35.550+0.300+0.851%266.356MHKDChina Res Land (01109) acquires 7 land parcels in SepNews
01211BYD COMPANYdown38.300-0.700-1.795%103.894MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS restarts BYD Company (01211) to HK$32News
01288ABCunchange3.1800.0000.000%200.892MHKDAPAC bank profitability under pressure - Moody'sNews
01336NCIup31.850+0.100+0.315%216.395MHKDNCI (01336) 9-month gross premium income up 7.9%News
01339PICC GROUPup3.260+0.040+1.242%111.351MHKDPICC Group (01339) 8-month premiums income up 12.1%News
01398ICBCup5.440+0.010+0.184%1.003BHKDAPAC bank profitability under pressure - Moody'sNews
01658PSBCup4.840+0.070+1.468%123.766MHKD{I-bank focus}MOF's new policy positive for banks - GoldmanNews
01766CRRCdown5.330-0.090-1.661%40.742MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa lowers CRRC Corp (01766) to HK$6.4 News
01800CHINA COMM CONSdown6.120-0.040-0.649%59.448MHKD{I-bank focus}HSBC lowers China Comm Cons (01800) to HK$7.1News
01918SUNACdown34.350-0.450-1.293%241.439MHKDSunac (01918) Sep contracted sales up 18% to RMB62.91bn News
01988MINSHENG BANKup5.520+0.040+0.730%81.290MHKDMinsheng Bank (01988) interim net up 6.8% to RMB31,623mNews
02007COUNTRY GARDENup10.600+0.080+0.760%224.051MHKDChinese property developers' leverage seen to improveNews
02020ANTA SPORTSup72.450+2.400+3.426%438.245MHKD{I-bank focus}CS upgrades Anta Sports (02020) to HK$76News
02202CHINA VANKEdown28.650-0.300-1.036%163.995MHKDChinese property developers' leverage seen to improveNews
02313SHENZHOU INTLup107.700+1.600+1.508%292.027MHKD{I-bank focus}UBS raises Shenzhou Int'l (02313) to HK$132News
02318PING ANdown94.400-0.200-0.211%1.706BHKD{I-bank focus}Nomura lifts Ping An (02318) to HK$115.47News
02328PICC P&Cup9.710+0.260+2.751%374.730MHKD{I-bank focus}Daiwa upgrades PICC P&C (02328) to HK$11.5 News
02601CPICup29.650+0.100+0.338%205.351MHKD{I-bank focus}Credit Suisse lowers CPIC (02601) to HK$40 News
02628CHINA LIFEup18.760+0.080+0.428%321.750MHKD{I-bank focus}Nomura tweaks China Life (02628) to HK$22.4News
02688ENN ENERGYunchange87.0000.0000.000%248.666MHKDENN Energy (02688) ratings placed on CreditWatch negative News
03323CNBMdown6.950-0.130-1.836%152.581MHKDCNBM (03323) to set up JV for cement businessNews
03328BANKCOMMup5.260+0.010+0.190%127.544MHKDAPAC bank profitability under pressure - Moody'sNews
03968CM BANKdown38.500-0.050-0.130%635.165MHKDAPAC bank profitability under pressure - Moody'sNews
03988BANK OF CHINAdown3.150-0.010-0.316%587.422MHKDChinese banks' 1H show rising asset risk offset by liquidityNews
06030CITIC SECdown15.300-0.160-1.035%206.542MHKDCITIC Sec (06030) Sep net profit up 36% to RMB717.58mNews
06837HAITONG SECdown8.450-0.090-1.054%67.900MHKDHaitong Sec (06837) Sep net profit up 210% to RMB519.3mNews
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