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Final Result00722  UMP
Final Result01002  V.S. INT'L
Final Result01421  KINGBO STRIKE
Final Result08041  LUXEY INT'L
Final Result08086  SINO VISION WW
Final Result08140  BOSATECH
Final Result08262  SUPER STRONG
Final Result09998  KWAN YONG
Interim Result01826  STEERING HLDGS
1st Quarter Result09961  TRIP.COM-S
Final Result00682  CHAODA MODERN
Final Result00862  VISION VALUES
Final Result01009  INT'L ENT
Final Result01104  APAC RESOURCES
Final Result01752  TOP EDUCATION
Final Result01903  JBB BUILDERS
Final Result03626  HSSP INTL
Final Result08228  NATIONALART-NEW
Final Result08487  ISP GLOBAL
Final Result08581  NATIONAL ARTS
Final Result08645  NOMAD TECH
Final Result09901  NEW ORIENTAL-S
Interim Result01191  CHINA GEM HLDGS
Final Result00331  FSE LIFESTYLE
Final Result00513  CONTINENTAL H
Final Result00756  SUMMI
Final Result01023  SITOY GROUP
Final Result01082  HK EDU INTL
Final Result01326  TRANSMIT ENT
Final Result01419  HUMAN HEALTH
Final Result01655  OKURA HOLDINGS
Final Result01960  TBKS HLDGS
Final Result02293  BAMBOOSHEALTH
Final Result02689  ND PAPER
Final Result03893  CROSSTEC
Final Result08093  MILLION STARS
Final Result08422  WT GROUP
Final Result00092  CHAMPION TECH
Final Result00131  CHEUK NANG HOLD
Final Result00491  EMPEROR CULTURE
Final Result00495  PALADIN
Final Result00519  APPLIED DEV
Final Result00591  C HIGHPRECISION
Final Result00924  KHOON GROUP
Final Result01047  NGAI HING HONG
Final Result01059  KANTONE HOLDING
Final Result01360  NOVA GROUP
Final Result01726  HKE HOLDINGS
Final Result02211  UNI HEALTH
Final Result08078  C CREATIVE DIGI
Final Result08201  PPS INT'L
Final Result08496  SG FOOD HLDGS
Interim Result00900  AEON CREDIT
Final Result00026  CHINA MOTOR BUS
Final Result00029  DYNAMIC HOLD
Final Result00070  RICH GOLDMAN
Final Result00183  WINFULL GP
Final Result00825  NWDS CHINA
Final Result00979  GREEN ENERGY GP
Final Result01046  UNIVERSE ENT
Final Result01079  PINE TECH
Final Result01166  SOLARTECH INT'L
Final Result01195  KINGWELL GROUP
Final Result01975  SUN HING PRINT
Final Result02033  TIME WATCH
Final Result02882  HKRH
Final Result06819  INTELLICENTRICS
Final Result08156  SINOPHARM TECH
Final Result00017  NEW WORLD DEV
Final Result00033  AMBER HILL FIN
Final Result00073  ASIAN CITRUS
Final Result00197  HENG TAI
Final Result00362  XINYANG MAOJIAN
Final Result00559  DETAI NEWENERGY
Final Result00565  ART GROUP HOLD
Final Result00659  NWS HOLDINGS
Final Result00721  C FIN INT INV
Final Result00787  GLOBAL BRANDS
Final Result01130  CHINA ENV RES
Final Result01386  VESTATE GROUP
Final Result01673  HUAZHANG TECH
Final Result01849  AM GROUP
Final Result02309  BIRMINGHAM SPTS
Final Result03344  GTI HLDGS
Final Result03708  CH SUPPLY CHAIN
Final Result06828  BG BLUE SKY
Final Result08170  ALL NATION INTL
Interim Result01895  XINYUAN PM
Interim Result02379  ZHONGTIAN INT'L
3rd Quarter Result08611  MINDTELL TECH
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Final Result01175  FRESH EXP
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3rd Quarter Result00388  HKEX
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3rd Quarter Result00700  TENCENT
No related information.
Final Result00293  CATHAY PAC AIR
Final Result00019  SWIRE PACIFIC A
Final Result00087  SWIRE PACIFIC B
Final Result01972  SWIREPROPERTIES
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