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Press Release and Financial Events
09:30   PICO FAR EAST (00752) AGM  -  19/F, Pico Tower, Wanchai
09:30   HKMA x Bank for International Settlements Seminar  -  Rosewood Hong Kong
10:00   "Cyberport Career Fair 2023" Launching Ceremony  -  Atrium, 2/F, Arcade at Cyberport
11:00   PUBLIC FIN HOLD (00626) AGM  -  M/F, Kowloon Shangri-La
11:00   COMBA (02342) Annual Results Announcement Press Conference  -  4/F, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
11:00   Accounting and Financial Reporting Council Press Conference  -  24/F, Hopewell Centre, Wanchai
12:00   CIMC ENRIC (03899) Annual Results Announcement Media Luncheon  -  Shop 401, Exchange Square II, Central
12:15   WEILONG (09985) Annual Results Announcement Media Luncheon  -  5/F, Island Shangri-La Hong Kong
12:30   YONGDA AUTO (03669) Annual Results Announcement Media Luncheon  -  Shop 005, LG1, Pacific Place, Admiralty
14:30   CHINA RES BEER (00291) Annual Results Announcement Media Briefing  -  Ballroom, 50/F, China Resources Building, Wan Chai
15:30   BINHAI INV (02886) Annual Results Announcement Press Conference
16:15   CEB GREENTECH (01257) Annual Results Announcement Tele Conference
19:00   XIAOMI-W (01810) Annual Results Announcement Tele Conference
19:00   MEITUAN-W (03690) Annual Results Announcement Tele Conference
Result Announcements
Final Result00007  WISDOM WEALTH
Final Result00031  CHINA AEROSPACE
Final Result00032  CROSS-HAR(HOLD)
Final Result00065  GRAND OCEAN AR
Final Result00069  SHANGRI-LA ASIA
Final Result00089  TAI SANG LAND
Final Result00099  WONG'S INT'L
Final Result00103  SHOUGANG CENT
Final Result00177  JIANGSU EXPRESS
Final Result00181  FUJIAN HOLDINGS
Final Result00184  KECK SENG INV
Final Result00206  CMIC OCEAN
Final Result00227  FIRST SHANGHAI
Final Result00228  CHINA ENERGY
Final Result00229  RAYMOND IND
Final Result00242  SHUN TAK HOLD
Final Result00251  SEA HOLDINGS
Final Result00255  LUNG KEE
Final Result00291  CHINA RES BEER
Final Result00358  JIANGXI COPPER
Final Result00386  SINOPEC CORP
Final Result00387  LEEPORT(HOLD)
Final Result00396  HING LEE (HK)
Final Result00408  YIP'S CHEMICAL
Final Result00420  FOUNTAIN SET
Final Result00436  NU ENVIRO
Final Result00460  SIHUAN PHARM
Final Result00482  SANDMARTIN INTL
Final Result00484  FORGAME
Final Result00503  LANSEN PHARMA
Final Result00509  SUNSHINE
Final Result00510  CASH FIN SER GP
Final Result00515  CHINASILVER TEC
Final Result00548  SHENZHENEXPRESS
Final Result00560  CHU KONG SHIP
Final Result00570  TRAD CHI MED
Final Result00585  IMAGI INT'L
Final Result00601  REMT
Final Result00632  CHK OIL
Final Result00653  BONJOUR HOLD
Final Result00672  ZHONGAN GROUP
Final Result00675  K & P INT'L
Final Result00695  DONGWU CEMENT
Final Result00697  SHOUCHENG
Final Result00719  SHANDONG XINHUA
Final Result00730  CAPITAL IND FIN
Final Result00732  TRULY INT'L
Final Result00804  PINESTONE
Final Result00812  SWSI
Final Result00816  JINMAO SERVICES
Final Result00819  TIANNENG POWER
Final Result00826  TIANGONG INT'L
Final Result00829  SHENGUAN HLDGS
Final Result00842  LEOCH INT'L
Final Result00844  GREATIME INTL
Final Result00848  MAOYE INT'L
Final Result00953  SHAW BROTHERS
Final Result00983  SOCAM DEV
Final Result01000  BEIJING MEDIA
Final Result01036  VANKE OVERSEAS
Final Result01049  CELESTIAL ASIA
Final Result01062  CDB INT'L INV
Final Result01088  CHINA SHENHUA
Final Result01091  SOUTH MANGANESE
Final Result01099  SINOPHARM
Final Result01145  COURAGE INV
Final Result01146  CH OUTFITTERS
Final Result01171  YANKUANG ENERGY
Final Result01202  SIWI SCI & TECH
Final Result01217  CH INNOVATION
Final Result01224  C C LAND
Final Result01231  NEWTON RES
Final Result01239  TEAMWAY INTL GP
Final Result01257  CEB GREENTECH
Final Result01259  PROSPER FUTURE
Final Result01263  PC PARTNER
Final Result01266  XIWANG STEEL
Final Result01272  DATANG ENVIRO
Final Result01289  SUNLIT SCI
Final Result01298  YUNNAN ENERGY
Final Result01305  WAI CHI HOLD
Final Result01312  KONTA CHINA
Final Result01321  CHINA NEWCITY
Final Result01339  PICC GROUP
Final Result01378  CHINAHONGQIAO
Final Result01379  WENLING MCT
Final Result01408  MACAU E&M
Final Result01476  HENGTOU SEC
Final Result01480  YAN TAT GROUP
Final Result01549  EVER HARVEST GP
Final Result01553  MAIKE TUBE
Final Result01558  HEC PHARM
Final Result01576  QILU EXPRESSWAY
Final Result01599  UCD
Final Result01702  DONGGUANG CHEM
Final Result01719  CIL GROUP
Final Result01721  FSM HOLDINGS
Final Result01745  LVJI TECH
Final Result01748  XIN YUAN ENT
Final Result01749  SHANSHAN
Final Result01751  KINGLAND GROUP
Final Result01771  SUNFONDA GP
Final Result01786  CRCCE
Final Result01810  XIAOMI-W
Final Result01818  ZHAOJIN MINING
Final Result01822  CHINA WOOD INT
Final Result01861  PRECIOUS DRAGON
Final Result01866  CHINA XLX FERT
Final Result01868  NEO-NEON
Final Result01915  TAIHE M-FIN
Final Result01958  BAIC MOTOR
Final Result01977  ANALOGUE HLDGS
Final Result01986  TSAKER NE
Final Result01992  FOSUN TOURISM
Final Result02000  SIM TECH
Final Result02012  SUNSHINE OIL
Final Result02028  JOLIMARK
Final Result02066  SHENGJINGBANK
Final Result02125  STRAWBEAR ENT
Final Result02137  BRII-B
Final Result02166  SMART-CORE
Final Result02168  KAISA PROSPER
Final Result02181  MABPHARM-B
Final Result02188  TITANS ENERGY
Final Result02215  DEXIN SER GROUP
Final Result02223  CASABLANCA
Final Result02239  SMIT
Final Result02246  GOGOX
Final Result02280  HC GROUP
Final Result02286  CHEN XING
Final Result02328  PICC P&C
Final Result02336  HAILIANG INTL
Final Result02340  ISP HOLDINGS
Final Result02348  DAWNRAYS PHARMA
Final Result02377  BOQI ENV
Final Result02436  LX TECHNOLOGY
Final Result02601  CPIC
Final Result02688  ENN ENERGY
Final Result02869  GREENTOWN SER
Final Result02899  ZIJIN MINING
Final Result03302  KINERGY
Final Result03316  BINJIANG SER
Final Result03323  CNBM
Final Result03337  ANTON OILFIELD
Final Result03669  YONGDA AUTO
Final Result03690  MEITUAN-W
Final Result03768  DCWT
Final Result03848  WEALTHY WAY
Final Result03877  CSSC SHIPPING
Final Result03968  CM BANK
Final Result03990  MIDEA REAL EST
Final Result06058  CISI FIN
Final Result06099  CMSC
Final Result06188  BJ DIGITAL
Final Result06601  CHEERWIN GP
Final Result06805  KIMOU ENVIRON
Final Result06818  CEB BANK
Final Result06826  HAOHAI BIOTEC
Final Result06836  TIANYUN INT'L
Final Result06882  EGL HOLDINGS
Final Result06885  JINMA ENERGY
Final Result06890  KANGLI INT HLDG
Final Result06898  CHINA ALUMCAN
Final Result06978  IMMUNOTECH-B
Final Result08018  FINSOFT FIN
Final Result08037  CH BIOTECH SER
Final Result08042  KOS INTL
Final Result08059  GLORY FLAME
Final Result08107  VISION INT HLDG
Final Result08120  CH DEMETER FIN
Final Result08147  MILLENNIUM PG
Final Result08162  LOCO HK
Final Result08219  HANVEY GROUP
Final Result08246  ZHONGHUA GAS
Final Result08249  RUIYUAN IC TECH
Final Result08271  GDC
Final Result08333  ASTRUM FIN
Final Result08420  NEXION TECH
Final Result08471  REACH NEW HLDGS
Final Result08489  GP LOGISTICS
Final Result08490  NICHE-TECH SEMI
Final Result08521  ST INTL HLDGS
Final Result08525  BAIYING HOLDING
Final Result08527  JLOGO HLDGS
Final Result08622  HUAKANG BIOMED
Final Result08668  YING HAI GROUP
Final Result09869  HELENS
Final Result09933  GHW INTL
Final Result09983  CC NEW LIFE
Final Result09990  ARCHOSAUR GAMES
Interim Result00191  LAI SUN INT'L
Interim Result00488  LAI SUN DEV
Interim Result00653  BONJOUR HOLD
Interim Result02330  CHINA UPTOWN
Economic Figures
Date Region Item Period Estimated Value
24/03/2023 00:00GermanyImport Price IndexFeb (m/m)--
24/03/2023 00:00GermanyImport Price IndexFeb (y/y)--
24/03/2023 00:00GermanyImport Price IndexFeb (y/y)--
24/03/2023 00:00GermanyImport Price IndexFeb (m/m)--
24/03/2023 07:30JapanCPIFeb (y/y)3.300%
24/03/2023 07:50JapanForeign Investment in Japan (Bonds)The week as of 17/03/2023--
24/03/2023 07:50JapanForeign Investment in Japan (Stocks)The week as of 17/03/2023--
24/03/2023 07:50JapanJapanese Investment Abroad (Bonds)The week as of 17/03/2023--
24/03/2023 07:50JapanJapanese Investment Abroad (Stocks)The week as of 17/03/2023--
24/03/2023 13:00SingaporeIndustrial OutputFeb (y/y)-1.800%
24/03/2023 13:00SingaporeIndustrial Output(Seasonal Adj)Feb (m/m)1.100%
24/03/2023 16:00TaiwanUnemployment RateFeb3.600%
24/03/2023 16:20TaiwanMoney Supply M1BFeb (y/y)--
24/03/2023 16:20TaiwanMoney Supply M2Feb (y/y)--
24/03/2023 20:30CanadaRetail SalesJan (m/m)0.700%
24/03/2023 20:30United StatesDurable Goods OrdersFeb0.200%
24/03/2023 20:30United StatesDurable Goods Orders Nondefense (Ex Air)Feb0.200%
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