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Date   Code Name Shareholder Reason for disclosure No. of Shares involved (Holding Position) Average Price No. of shares interested % of issued share capital
23/05/2024 03877CSSC SHIPPINGZhong Jian1706(L)12,650,000(L)0.21
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANHooy Kok Kuen1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 02235MICROTECH MED-BLAV Evergreen (Hong Kong) Co., Limited1113(L)8,545,840(L)8,545,840(L)5.05
23/05/2024 00867CMSLAM Kong1101(L)+1,000,000(L)HKD6.782(L)1,138,564,000(L)46.43
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYek Hon Su1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Su Chai1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Siew Ngoh1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 02392XUANWU CLOUDSong Xiaohu1101(L)+751,000(L)HKD0.650(L)78,466,170(L)14.00
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANZhong Xueyong1213(L)1,076,362,721(L)55.54
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANLiu Chi Ching1213(L)200,000,000(L)10.32
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANHooy Kwok Pun1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Siew Chow1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 00610WAI KEE HOLDZEN WEI PEU1211(L)-40,000(L)500,140,921(L)63.06
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Kong Meng1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANLeong Kwai Ho1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Fong Kee1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Hong Leng1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Hong Kek1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANYap Yuk Kiew1213(L)1,110,918,391(L)57.32
23/05/2024 02359WUXI APPTECChen Minzhang1711(L)146,180(L)0.00
23/05/2024 02616CSTONE PHARMA-BYang Jianxin1304(L)25,000(L)63,774,256(L)4.97
23/05/2024 00425MINTH GROUPThe Bank of New York Mellon Corporation1004(L)+3,647,736(L)61,520,043(L)
23/05/2024 02235MICROTECH MED-BLilly Asia Ventures Fund GP, L.P.1113(L)8,545,840(L)8,545,840(L)5.05
23/05/2024 00610WAI KEE HOLDZEN WEI PEU1205(L)-40,000(L)500,140,921(L)63.06
23/05/2024 09686NEUSOFT XIKANGLIU JIREN1101(L)+15,000(L)HKD0.900(L)167,490,805(L)19.89
23/05/2024 00136CHINA RUYIVirtual Cinema Holding Limited1213(L)3,727,381,250(L)31.80
23/05/2024 00669TECHTRONIC INDPudwill Horst Julius1101(L)+58,500(L)HKD99.205(L)364,744,794(L)19.88
23/05/2024 00669TECHTRONIC INDThe Bank of New York Mellon Corporation16022(L)-1,481,416(L)109,356,162(L)
23/05/2024 02273GUSHENGTANGTU Zhiliang1201(L)-2,175,315(L)85,006,538(L)34.69
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANCourage Rise Holdings Limited1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 00806VALUE PARTNERSHung Yeuk Yan Renee1201(L)-106,000(L)HKD1.950(L)22,840,937(L)1.25
23/05/2024 00806VALUE PARTNERSSo Chun Ki Louis1201(L)-115,000(L)HKD1.951(L)52,461,792(L)2.87
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANHooy Siew Kuen1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 02257SIRNAOMICS-BEvans David Mark1201(L)-3,000(L)HKD8.300(L)1,145,100(L)1.31
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANWise Global Holding Limited1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
23/05/2024 01997WHARF REICBlackRock, Inc.1205(L)-1,391,795(L)150,921,048(L)
23/05/2024 01176ZHUGUANG HOLDChu Hing Tsung1201(L)-12,500,000(L)HKD0.285(L)4,081,269,289(L)56.48
23/05/2024 01176ZHUGUANG HOLDLiao Tengjia1201(L)-12,500,000(L)HKD0.285(L)4,081,269,289(L)56.48
23/05/2024 01176ZHUGUANG HOLDRong De Investments Limited1201(L)-12,500,000(L)HKD0.285(L)4,081,269,289(L)56.48
23/05/2024 01854CHINA WANTIANHooy Say Kai1213(L)1,040,372,000(L)53.68
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