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Date   Code Name No. of Shares Issued Issue Price Total Fund Raised Type % of issued shs Raising Method
05/02/2021 00592BOSSINI INT'L821.917MHKD 0.360HKD 296.000MShares50.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base Rts 1 for 2 (on non-underwritten basis))
05/02/2021 02666UNI MEDICAL175.235MHKD 6.636HKD 1.163BShares10.210Placing/Issue
(Business Development Net proceeds equivalent to approx USD 149.6 mil)
05/02/2021 01456GUOLIAN SEC475.624M--RMB 6.500BA20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
04/02/2021 06855ASCENTAGE-B26.500MHKD 44.200HKD 1.171BShares11.715Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
03/02/2021 02269WUXI BIO118.000MHKD 112.000HKD 13.216BShares2.884Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Acquisition;Business Development Net proceeds equivalent to approx USD 1682 mil)
03/02/2021 02369COOLPAD GROUP666.000MHKD 0.280HKD 186.480MShares10.192Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
03/02/2021 09969INNOCARE-B210.508MHKD 14.450HKD 3.042BShares16.329Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
02/02/2021 08333ASTRUM FIN160.000MHKD 0.083HKD 13.280MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
02/02/2021 08321TAI KAM HLDGS38.400MHKD 0.175HKD 6.720MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
02/02/2021 01951JXR80.000MHKD 15.850HKD 1.268BShares3.293Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Net proceeds equivalent to approx USD 160.7 mil)
02/02/2021 01115TIBET WATER----HKD 379.620MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Debt Repayment)
02/02/2021 00670CHINA EAST AIR2.495BRMB 4.340RMB 10.828BA15.232Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
01/02/2021 01093CSPC PHARMA1.330B----A11.111Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Listing on the SSE Sci-Tech Board)
31/01/2021 02186LUYE PHARMA292.407MHKD 4.280HKD 1.252BShares9.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
29/01/2021 08101EJE HOLDINGS57.840MHKD 0.370HKD 21.400MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
29/01/2021 00808PROSPERITY REIT5.221MHKD 2.414HKD 12.601MShares0.343Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment)
29/01/2021 08228NATIONAL ARTS900.000MHKD 0.100HKD 90.000MShares12.123Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of investment property in Malaysia)
29/01/2021 06160BEIGENE132.314M----A11.161Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Listing on the SSE Sci-Tech Board)
28/01/2021 06969SMOORE INTL60.000MHKD 74.400HKD 4.464BShares1.021Top Up Placing
(Business Development)
28/01/2021 00293CATHAY PAC AIR----HKD 6.740BConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
28/01/2021 08239CAPITAL FIN430.586MHKD 0.135HKD 58.129MShares153.083Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment Unsubscribed arrangement on non-underwritten basis open offer)
28/01/2021 08198LOTO INTERACT169.355MHKD 0.620HKD 105.000MShares44.682Placing/Issue
27/01/2021 00697SHOUCHENG210.000MHKD 2.030HKD 426.000MShares2.966Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
27/01/2021 00389TONTINE WINES----HKD 40.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
27/01/2021 00330ESPRIT HOLDINGS943.606M - 956.953MHKD 0.750HKD 707.704M - 717.715MShares50.707Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Rts 1 for 2)
27/01/2021 02866COSCO SHIP DEV583.267MRMB 2.510RMB 1.464BA5.025Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
27/01/2021 02866COSCO SHIP DEV1.419BRMB 2.510RMB 3.562BA12.225Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of container businesses)
27/01/2021 01097I-CABLE COMM----HKD 200.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
26/01/2021 00839CHINA EDU GROUP122.000MHKD 16.600HKD 2.025BShares5.673Top Up Placing
(Business Development)
26/01/2021 01760INTRON TECH45.000MHKD 6.820HKD 306.900MShares4.333Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
26/01/2021 06161TARGET INS----HKD 400.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
25/01/2021 01895XINYUAN PM18.000MHKD 2.100HKD 37.800MShares3.276Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Acquisition)
25/01/2021 08275BEAVER GROUP107.098MHKD 0.210HKD 22.491MShares11.900Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Debt Repayment Rts 3 for 2 consolidated shs (on non-underwritten basis))
25/01/2021 00970SPARKLE ROLL----HKD 100.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
24/01/2021 02319MENGNIU DAIRY----HKD 4.798BConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Interest rate is between 2% p.a to 4% p.a which will be agreed between the issuer and the placing agent prior to the closing date)
24/01/2021 00708EVERG VEHICLE952.383MHKD 27.300HKD 26.000BShares10.802Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
22/01/2021 02500VENUS MEDTECH-B18.043MHKD 80.080HKD 1.445BShares4.266Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
22/01/2021 00316OOIL11.400MHKD 81.800HKD 932.520MShares1.822Top Up Placing
(Business Development)
22/01/2021 09996PEIJIA-B33.800MHKD 29.380HKD 993.040MShares5.340Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Acquisition;Business Development)
22/01/2021 01993ASIARAY----HKD 122.700MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of properties in Beijing;Issue perpetual subordinated convertible securities)
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