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Date   Code Name No. of Shares Issued Issue Price Total Fund Raised Type % of issued shs Raising Method
14/04/2020 87001HUI XIAN REIT22.735MRMB 2.230RMB 50.698MShares0.387Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment)
09/04/2020 08377SHEN YOU HLDGS400.000MHKD 0.043HKD 17.200MShares50.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base Rts 1 for 2)
09/04/2020 08007GLOBALSTRAT260.000MHKD 0.029HKD 7.500MShares16.630Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
09/04/2020 01717AUSNUTRIA70.000MHKD 12.800HKD 896.000MShares4.345Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Further acquisition of business in cow milk based infant formula products)
09/04/2020 00674CHINA TANGSHANG800.000MHKD 0.200HKD 160.000MShares74.227Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of land in Dongguan)
08/04/2020 08083CHINA YOUZAN1.240BHKD 0.640HKD 793.600MShares8.018Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
07/04/2020 00871CH DREDG ENV191.917MHKD 0.040HKD 7.677MShares10.768Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Gross proceeds equivalent to approx RMB 7 mil)
07/04/2020 00619SOUTH CHINA FIN----HKD 50.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
06/04/2020 00622OSHIDORI114.343MHKD 0.700HKD 80.040MShares1.967Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Shares issued to REORIENT GROUP (00585))
06/04/2020 00585IMAGI INT'L138.000MHKD 0.580HKD 80.040MShares19.944Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Shares issued to OSHIDORI (00622))
03/04/2020 00174GEMINI INV90.278MHKD 1.000HKD 90.300MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
03/04/2020 08536TL NATURAL GAS62.360MHKD 0.160HKD 9.978MShares11.095Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of residential investment property in Malaysia)
03/04/2020 08536TL NATURAL GAS----HKD 7.466MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of residential investment property in Malaysia)
03/04/2020 00174GEMINI INV90.278MHKD 1.000HKD 90.300MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
03/04/2020 00405YUEXIU REIT14.000MHKD 3.770HKD 52.780MShares0.435Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment Consideration equal to approx RMB 48.13 mil)
03/04/2020 01592ANCHORSTONE----HKD 76.500MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of marble and granite supply and distribution business in Mainland China)
02/04/2020 03893CROSSTEC480.000MHKD 0.023HKD 11.200MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
02/04/2020 00622OSHIDORI187.500MHKD 0.700HKD 131.250MShares3.226Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Shares issued to HAO TIAN INTL(01341))
02/04/2020 08156SINOPHARM TECH800.000MHKD 0.200HKD 160.000MShares19.470Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
02/04/2020 01341HAO TIAN INTL625.000MHKD 0.210HKD 131.250MShares14.115Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Shares issued to OSHIDORI(00622))
01/04/2020 00778FORTUNE REIT4.747MHKD 6.747HKD 32.027MShares0.245Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment)
01/04/2020 02012SUNSHINE OIL----HKD 72.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
01/04/2020 00855CHINA WATER----HKD 361.336MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of bonds exchangeable into KANGDA ENV(06136) shs)
30/03/2020 00582LANDING INTL586.979MHKD 0.235HKD 137.940MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
30/03/2020 02139BANK OF GANSU3.750B----ULS37.240Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
30/03/2020 02139BANK OF GANSU1.250B----H12.413Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
30/03/2020 06138HARBIN BANK80.000MRMB 100.000RMB 8.000BPreference Shares0.728Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Convertible into new H shs)
27/03/2020 01049CELESTIAL ASIA643.182MHKD 0.060HKD 38.591MShares77.378Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment Rts 2 for 1 (on non-underwritten basis))
27/03/2020 08147MILLENNIUM PG138.864MHKD 0.100HKD 13.900MShares15.570Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
27/03/2020 00351ASIA ENERGY LOG----HKD 48.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
27/03/2020 00351ASIA ENERGY LOG1.100BHKD 0.160HKD 176.000MShares221.785Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
26/03/2020 00948ALPHA PRO HLDGS50.000MHKD 1.100HKD 55.000MShares18.914Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
25/03/2020 00922ANXIANYUAN CH1.333BHKD 0.100HKD 133.300MShares150.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment Rts 3 for 2 (on non-underwritten basis))
25/03/2020 08242NEW WESTERN279.556MHKD 0.048HKD 13.500MShares20.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of investment property in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
24/03/2020 02359WUXI APPTEC68.205MHKD 108.000HKD 7.370BH2.951Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment After bonus issue)
24/03/2020 02359WUXI APPTEC105.000M--RMB 6.528BA6.359Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development After bonus issue)
23/03/2020 08347F8 ENT78.000MHKD 0.210HKD 16.380MShares9.750Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of lubricant business)
23/03/2020 01106MING LAM HLDGS2.400BHKD 0.013HKD 30.000MShares16.120Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of business in decorated printing products in Mainland China)
16/03/2020 08007GLOBALSTRAT260.000MHKD 0.050HKD 13.000MShares19.947Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
13/03/2020 01332CHINA TOUYUN135.135MHKD 0.370HKD 50.000MShares5.517Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
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