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Date   Code Name No. of Shares Issued Issue Price Total Fund Raised Type % of issued shs Raising Method
20/07/2020 01636CMRU618.491MHKD 0.530HKD 327.800MShares23.502Consideration Issue
(Debt Repayment Consideration equal to RMB 298 mil)
20/07/2020 02138UM HEALTHCARE22.524MHKD 4.200HKD 94.600MShares2.253Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Further acquisition of business in chiropractic, orthopaedic, pain and wellness services)
17/07/2020 00033AMBER HILL FIN223.852MHKD 0.105HKD 23.500MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
17/07/2020 01332CHINA TOUYUN54.054MHKD 0.370HKD 20.000MShares1.988Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
16/07/2020 09922JIUMAOJIU70.000MHKD 11.990HKD 839.300MShares5.060Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
16/07/2020 00211STYLAND HOLD----HKD 23.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
16/07/2020 01270LANGHAM-SS1.073BHKD 0.950HKD 1.019BShares50.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment Rts 1 for 2 (on non-underwritten basis))
15/07/2020 01728ZHENGTONGAUTO245.222MHKD 1.090HKD 267.290MShares10.000Top Up Placing
(Business Development;Debt Repayment)
15/07/2020 00907ELEGANCEOPTICAL121.310MHKD 0.100HKD 12.131MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
15/07/2020 00663KING STONE ENGY----HKD 50.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
14/07/2020 01608VPOWER GROUP83.000MHKD 3.750HKD 311.000MShares3.238Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
14/07/2020 00938MAN SANG INT'L163.717MHKD 0.370HKD 60.575MShares7.997Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of hotel & golf club business in Japan; Consideration equivalent to JPY 848.39 mil)
13/07/2020 00145HK BLDG & LOAN200.000MHKD 0.040HKD 8.000MShares5.369Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
13/07/2020 01065TIANJIN CAPITAL323.741MRMB 5.560RMB 1.800BA22.683Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
13/07/2020 0205151 CREDIT CARD166.667MHKD 0.600HKD 100.000MShares13.986Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
13/07/2020 06160BEIGENE145.839MUSD 14.231HKD 16.080BShares14.332Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Issue price equivalent to approx HK$110.29; Net proceeds equivalent to USD 2070 mil)
10/07/2020 00778FORTUNE REIT4.314MHKD 6.991HKD 30.162MShares0.222Consideration Issue
(Fee Payment)
08/07/2020 06855ASCENTAGE-B15.000MHKD 46.800HKD 702.000MShares7.180Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
07/07/2020 09928TIMES NEIGHBOR77.000MHKD 10.220HKD 786.940MShares8.474Top Up Placing
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
07/07/2020 01227NATIONAL INV4.573BHKD 0.035HKD 160.100MShares500.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment Rts 5 for 1)
07/07/2020 02880DALIAN PORT3.868B--RMB 2.100BA30.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
07/07/2020 02880DALIAN PORT9.804BRMB 1.710RMB 16.765BA76.032Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of port logistics business in Mainland China)
06/07/2020 00817CHINA JINMAO951.790MHKD 5.700HKD 5.425BShares8.078Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development;Debt Repayment)
05/07/2020 01157ZOOMLION1.250BRMB 5.280RMB 6.600BA15.825Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
03/07/2020 01873VIVA BIOTECH130.000MHKD 8.150HKD 1.060BShares7.707Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
03/07/2020 01895XINYUAN PM50.000MHKD 2.600HKD 130.000MShares10.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development)
03/07/2020 01456GUOLIAN SEC475.719MRMB 4.250RMB 2.022BA25.006Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base Listing in Shanghai)
03/07/2020 08111CT IND GROUP111.583MHKD 0.100HKD 10.851MShares5.237Consideration Issue
(Debt Repayment Loan capitalization)
02/07/2020 08041LUXEY INT'L-NEW345.439MHKD 0.100HKD 34.500MShares5.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base Rts 1 for 2 consolidated shs (on non-underwritten basis))
02/07/2020 08561LUXEY INT'L345.439MHKD 0.100HKD 34.500MShares5.000Rights Issue/Open Offer
(Enlarging the capital base Rts 1 for 2 consolidated shs (on non-underwritten basis))
02/07/2020 00471CMMB VISION45.413MHKD 0.500HKD 22.706MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
02/07/2020 00970SPARKLE ROLL674.000MHKD 0.200HKD 134.800MShares13.185Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
30/06/2020 02269WUXI BIO45.000MHKD 137.000HKD 6.165BShares3.436Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Business Development Net proceeds equivalent to approx USD 784.87 mil)
30/06/2020 08412BCI GROUP160.000MHKD 0.130HKD 20.800MShares20.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base)
30/06/2020 00377HUAJUN INTL GP----HKD 391.010MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of industrial land in Jiangsu Province & business in various equipment relating to the production & manufacturing of photovoltaic; Principal amount equal to RMB 358.73 mil.)
30/06/2020 01709DL HOLDINGS GP75.500MHKD 0.800HKD 60.400MShares5.914Placing/Issue
(Acquisition;Business Development)
29/06/2020 03738VOBILE GROUP----HKD 100.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Business Development)
29/06/2020 00431G CHINA FIN800.000MHKD 0.200HKD 160.000MShares11.554Consideration Issue
(Acquisition Acquisition of business in financial & related services in Mainland China)
29/06/2020 01589CNLP----USD 100.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Placing/Issue
(Enlarging the capital base;Debt Repayment)
28/06/2020 08011POLYARD PETRO----HKD 100.000MConvertible Bonds0.000Consideration Issue
(Bonds/Notes Replacement)
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