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Result Announcements
Final Result02221  NEW CONCEPTS
Interim Result00218  SWHYHK
Interim Result00220  U-PRESID CHINA
Interim Result00351  ASIA ENERGY LOG
Interim Result00691  SHANSHUI CEMENT
Interim Result00743  ASIA CEMENT CH
Interim Result00776  IMPERIUM GP
Interim Result00807  SIICENVIRONMENT
Interim Result01270  LANGHAM-SS
Interim Result01278  CHINANEWTOWN
Interim Result01656  ISDN HOLDINGS
Interim Result02038  FIH
Interim Result02788  YORKEY OPTICAL
Interim Result08027  KPM HOLDING-NEW
Interim Result08035  JANCO HOLDINGS
Interim Result08071  CH NETCOMTECH
Interim Result08088  AID LIFE SCI
Interim Result08095  BEIDA JADE BIRD
Interim Result08126  G. A. HOLDINGS
Interim Result08135  ZMFY GLASS
Interim Result08152  M&L HOLDINGS
Interim Result08171  CHINA TRENDS
Interim Result08178  CHINA INFO TECH
Interim Result08198  LOTO INTERACT
Interim Result08203  KAISUN HOLDINGS
Interim Result08215  FIRST CREDIT
Interim Result08227  HAITIAN ANTENNA
Interim Result08229  FUTURE DATA
Interim Result08235  CCID CONSULTING
Interim Result08249  RUIYUAN IC TECH
Interim Result08280  CDV HOLDINGS
Interim Result08290  AHSAY BACKUP
Interim Result08311  PERFECT OPT
Interim Result08368  CREATIVE CHINA
Interim Result08373  INDIGO STAR
Interim Result08375  VERTICAL INT'L
Interim Result08416  HM INTL HLDGS
Interim Result08483  MAX SIGHT GROUP
Interim Result08485  SMART GLOBE
Interim Result08558  KPM HOLDING-OLD
Interim Result08601  BOLTEK
Interim Result08617  BEST LINKING
Interim Result08621  METROPOLIS CAP
1st Quarter Result08023  KWONG MAN KEE
1st Quarter Result08096  TASTY CONCEPTS
1st Quarter Result08125  ROYAL CEN RES
1st Quarter Result08149  ALTUS HLDGS
1st Quarter Result08173  UNION ASIA ENT
1st Quarter Result08206  S ROBOT EDU
1st Quarter Result08221  PF GROUP
1st Quarter Result08275  BEAVER GROUP
1st Quarter Result08300  ROYALCATERING
1st Quarter Result08367  SIMPLICITY HLDG
1st Quarter Result08372  GBG HOLDINGS
1st Quarter Result08431  HAO BAI INTL
1st Quarter Result08441  IWS GROUP
1st Quarter Result08455  LAI GROUP
1st Quarter Result08456  MANSION INTL
1st Quarter Result08537  CHONG FAI JEWEL
3rd Quarter Result08365  VBG INT'L
3rd Quarter Result08451  SUNLIGHT HLDGS
No related information.
Interim Result00014  HYSAN DEV
Interim Result00182  CONCORD NE
Interim Result00512  CHINAGRANDPHARM
Interim Result00881  ZHONGSHENG HLDG
Interim Result01090  DA MING INT'L
Interim Result01533  ZHUANGYUAN PA
Interim Result01788  GUOTAI JUNAN I
Interim Result01812  CHENMING PAPER
Interim Result02136  LIFESTYLE CHI
Interim Result03991  CHANGHONG JH
Interim Result08005  YUXING INFOTECH
Interim Result08006  SINO SPLENDID
Interim Result08022  EVERSHINE GP
Interim Result08059  GLORY FLAME
Interim Result08070  KEEN OCEAN
Interim Result08083  CHINA YOUZAN
Interim Result08087  CHINA 33MEDIA
Interim Result08115  SHANGHAI QINGPU
Interim Result08151  BAO SHEN HLDGS
Interim Result08187  JIMU GROUP
Interim Result08188  GME GROUP
Interim Result08189  TEDA BIOMEDICAL
Interim Result08196  GREAT WATER
Interim Result08228  NATIONAL ARTS
Interim Result08279  AGTECH HOLDINGS
Interim Result08305  TONG KEE HLDG
Interim Result08308  GUDOU HLDGS
Interim Result08349  MEIGU TECH
Interim Result08403  DOWWAY
Interim Result08406  ALPHA ERA
Interim Result08419  AV PROMOTIONS
Interim Result08420  NEXION TECH
Interim Result08426  MODERN LIVING
Interim Result08436  TAKBO GROUP
Interim Result08452  FY FINANCIAL
Interim Result08471  REACH NEW HLDGS
Interim Result08472  LAPCO HOLDINGS
Interim Result08481  SHENGLONG INTL
Interim Result08490  NICHE-TECH
Interim Result08623  CHINA SAFTOWER
Interim Result08668  YING HAI GROUP
1st Quarter Result02378  PRU
1st Quarter Result08017  TRADEGO
1st Quarter Result08026  CB GLOBAL
1st Quarter Result08057  MADISON HLDG
1st Quarter Result08193  ASIAPAC FIN INV
1st Quarter Result08295  ZZ CAP INTL
1st Quarter Result08297  BODIBRA
1st Quarter Result08309  MANSHING GLOBAL
1st Quarter Result08316  PAK WING GP
1st Quarter Result08320  AEC GROUP
1st Quarter Result08379  PRIME INTEL
1st Quarter Result08391  ELEGANCE PRINT
1st Quarter Result08392  SATU HOLDINGS
1st Quarter Result08425  HING MING HLDGS
1st Quarter Result08445  NOBLE ENG GP
1st Quarter Result08476  OCEAN ONE HLDG
1st Quarter Result08501  SANBASE CORP
1st Quarter Result08535  VISTAR HOLDINGS
1st Quarter Result08613  ORIENTAL PAY
1st Quarter Result08620  AE LOGISTICS
Final Result08029  SUN INT'L
Interim Result00187  JINGCHENG MAC
Interim Result00288  WH GROUP
Interim Result00612  CHINA DYF
Interim Result00709  GIORDANO INT'L
Interim Result00772  CHINA LIT
Interim Result00788  CHINA TOWER
Interim Result00916  CHINA LONGYUAN
Interim Result01062  CDB INT'L INV
Interim Result01257  CEB GREENTECH
Interim Result01347  HUA HONG SEMI
Interim Result06088  FIT HON TENG
Interim Result06090  CENTURION CORP
Interim Result08001  ORIENTSEC INT
Interim Result08018  FINSOFT FIN
Interim Result08043  ATLINKS
Interim Result08051  CIRCUTECH
Interim Result08066  PHOENITRON HOLD
Interim Result08073  SINGYES NM
Interim Result08076  SING LEE
Interim Result08137  HONBRIDGE
Interim Result08155  SC ASSETS HLDGS
Interim Result08162  LOCO HK
Interim Result08242  NEW WESTERN
Interim Result08272  C FOOD&BEV GP
Interim Result08285  SLING GROUP
Interim Result08313  ZACD
Interim Result08329  NEP INTERLONG
Interim Result08337  DIRECTEL
Interim Result08348  BINHAI TEDA
Interim Result08430  C&N HOLDINGS
Interim Result08462  OMNIBRIDGE HLDG
Interim Result08491  COOL LINK
Interim Result08502  OCEAN LINE PORT
Interim Result08519  JIA GROUP
Interim Result08622  HUAKANG BIOMED
Interim Result09928  TIMES NEIGHBOR
Interim Result09999  NTES-S
1st Quarter Result08028  TIMELESS
1st Quarter Result08056  LIFE CONCEPTS
1st Quarter Result08060  GLOBAL LINK
1st Quarter Result08072  ROMA GROUP
1st Quarter Result08098  CL GROUP
1st Quarter Result08101  EJE HOLDINGS
1st Quarter Result08130  DADI INTL GROUP
1st Quarter Result08200  SAU SAN TONG
1st Quarter Result08213  STARGLORY HLDGS
1st Quarter Result08277  STEEDORIENTAL
1st Quarter Result08315  GREATWALLE INC
1st Quarter Result08317  FINET GROUP
1st Quarter Result08319  EXPERT SYS
1st Quarter Result08356  CNC HOLDINGS
1st Quarter Result08532  POLYFAIR HLDGS
1st Quarter Result08603  FAMEGLOW
Interim Result00100  CLEAR MEDIA
Interim Result00293  CATHAY PAC AIR
Interim Result00486  RUSAL
Interim Result00669  TECHTRONIC IND
Interim Result00700  TENCENT
Interim Result00737  BAY AREA DEV
Interim Result00762  CHINA UNICOM
Interim Result00863  BC TECH GROUP
Interim Result00867  CMS
Interim Result01639  AKM INDUSTRIAL
Interim Result01755  S-ENJOY SERVICE
Interim Result01857  CEB WATER
Interim Result02611  GTJA
Interim Result02768  JIAYUAN INTL
Interim Result06808  SUNART RETAIL
Interim Result08019  HAO WEN H-NEW
Interim Result08033  VODATEL NETWORK
Interim Result08037  CH BIOTECH SER
Interim Result08042  KOS INTL
Interim Result08055  CHI E-INFO TECH
Interim Result08100  GET HOLDINGS
Interim Result08112  CORNERSTONE FIN
Interim Result08117  CHI P ENERGY
Interim Result08133  JETE POWER
Interim Result08167  NEO TELEMEDIA
Interim Result08226  KOALA FIN GP
Interim Result08239  CAPITAL FIN
Interim Result08246  ZHONGHUA GAS
Interim Result08257  GENES TECH
Interim Result08270  CHINA CBM
Interim Result08271  GDC
Interim Result08331  HANGKAN GROUP
Interim Result08370  ZHI SHENG GP
Interim Result08418  OPTIMA AUTO
Interim Result08437  RMH HOLDINGS
Interim Result08525  BAIYING HOLDING
Interim Result08547  PACIFIC LEGEND
Interim Result08556  HAO WEN H-OLD
Interim Result08646  CHINA HONGGUANG
Interim Result80737  BAY AREA DEV-R
1st Quarter Result08069  WWPKG HOLDINGS
1st Quarter Result08103  HMVOD
1st Quarter Result08111  CT IND GROUP
1st Quarter Result08136  IMS GROUP
1st Quarter Result08218  ECHO INT-NEW
1st Quarter Result08222  E LIGHTING
1st Quarter Result08245  ON REAL INT'L
1st Quarter Result08326  TK NEW ENERGY
1st Quarter Result08347  F8 ENT
1st Quarter Result08448  UNI PRINTSHOP
1st Quarter Result08507  I.CENTURY HLDG
1st Quarter Result08509  WINE'S LINK
1st Quarter Result08559  ECHO INT HOLD
1st Quarter Result08631  SUN KONG HLDGS
3rd Quarter Result08168  AMASSE CAPITAL
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