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Date Code Name Shares Purchased Total Paid
Repurchase Price
Shares purchased (Year to Date) % of issued shs
16/07/202001673HUAZHANG TECH66,000HKD 129,267HKD 2.050HKD 1.840512,0000.070
15/07/202000605C FIN SERVICES74,000HKD 11,692HKD 0.158--46,092,0001.085
15/07/202002623ADD NEW ENERGY300,000HKD 15,070HKD 0.051HKD 0.049600,0000.010
15/07/202001141CMBC CAPITAL300,000HKD 44,850HKD 0.150HKD 0.1482,990,0000.006
15/07/202000497CSI PROPERTIES12,000,000HKD 2,978,000HKD 0.250HKD 0.247140,940,0001.437
15/07/202000296EMPEROR E HOTEL435,000HKD 459,950HKD 1.060HKD 1.05011,755,0000.944
15/07/202002611GTJA930,000RMB 19,249,551RMB 20.750RMB 20.640----
15/07/202000636KERRY LOG NET200,000HKD 2,225,610HKD 11.160HKD 11.0602,150,0000.120
15/07/202001540LEFTFIELD PRINT543,000HKD 217,200HKD 0.400--1,917,0000.378
15/07/202000212NANYANG HOLD6,000HKD 247,200HKD 41.200--77,0000.224
15/07/202000213NATIONAL ELEC H14,000HKD 14,560HKD 1.040--17,650,0001.744
15/07/202000086SUN HUNG KAI CO323,000HKD 1,047,780HKD 3.250HKD 3.2002,649,0000.133
15/07/202006868TENFU5,000HKD 27,000HKD 5.400--612,0000.055
15/07/202001752TOP EDUCATION260,000HKD 71,350HKD 0.275HKD 0.27061,060,0002.415
15/07/202002119TSIT WING INTL2,910,000HKD 3,532,980HKD 1.220HKD 1.17016,854,0002.253
15/07/202002003VCREDIT100,000HKD 476,326HKD 4.870HKD 4.650642,4000.129
15/07/202000855CHINA WATER456,000HKD 2,661,940HKD 5.870HKD 5.8003,426,0000.214
15/07/202001673HUAZHANG TECH24,000HKD 47,432HKD 1.990HKD 1.940446,0000.061
14/07/202000605C FIN SERVICES454,000HKD 73,340HKD 0.162HKD 0.16046,018,0001.083
14/07/202000326CHINA STAR ENT370,000HKD 629,000HKD 1.700--2,210,0000.084
14/07/202000855CHINA WATER340,000HKD 1,984,100HKD 5.950HKD 5.7902,970,0000.185
14/07/202001141CMBC CAPITAL290,000HKD 45,090HKD 0.156HKD 0.1542,690,0000.006
14/07/202000497CSI PROPERTIES10,000,000HKD 2,455,450HKD 0.246HKD 0.243128,940,0001.315
14/07/202000296EMPEROR E HOTEL440,000HKD 470,200HKD 1.080HKD 1.06011,320,0000.909
14/07/202001652FUSEN PHARM945,000HKD 3,211,120HKD 3.450HKD 3.2702,578,0000.328
14/07/202002611GTJA1,890,000RMB 39,105,589RMB 20.850RMB 20.500----
14/07/202001673HUAZHANG TECH6,000HKD 12,063HKD 2.000HKD 1.990422,0000.058
14/07/202003700INKE911,000HKD 1,046,600HKD 1.160HKD 1.1402,146,0000.107
14/07/202000636KERRY LOG NET50,000HKD 569,270HKD 11.400HKD 11.3401,950,0000.109
14/07/202001540LEFTFIELD PRINT636,000HKD 256,080HKD 0.405HKD 0.4001,374,0000.271
14/07/202000213NATIONAL ELEC H408,000HKD 424,320HKD 1.040--17,636,0001.742
14/07/202000103SHOUGANG CENT200,000HKD 42,080HKD 0.212HKD 0.2073,220,0000.169
14/07/202000086SUN HUNG KAI CO157,000HKD 510,000HKD 3.250HKD 3.2402,326,0000.117
14/07/202006868TENFU5,000HKD 27,000HKD 5.400--607,0000.055
14/07/202001752TOP EDUCATION250,000HKD 69,700HKD 0.285HKD 0.27560,800,0002.404
14/07/202002119TSIT WING INTL1,722,000HKD 2,064,900HKD 1.200HKD 1.19013,944,0001.864
14/07/202002003VCREDIT100,000HKD 480,946HKD 4.870HKD 4.740542,4000.109
14/07/202002393YESTAR HEALTH47,500HKD 55,000HKD 1.160HKD 1.1507,460,0000.315
13/07/202008307MEDICSKIN188,000HKD 27,260HKD 0.145--188,0000.039
13/07/202000605C FIN SERVICES1,764,000HKD 284,240HKD 0.163HKD 0.16045,564,0001.073
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