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Agricultural Products - All China Stocks
CodeNameNominal%ChangeTurnoverMkt CapCurrency% YldP/EP/E Range
00043C.P. POKPHANDdown0.650-0.307%356,20015.647BHKD5.2317.452PENews | Chart
00073ASIAN CITRUSunchange0.6000.000%0.000749.783MHKD0.0001.249PENews | Chart
00288WH GROUPdown7.600-1.554%123.776M111.802BHKD2.63215.069PENews | Chart
00411LAM SOON (HK)down13.340-0.150%53,3603.246BHKD3.2989.264PENews | Chart
00606CHINA AGRIdown2.600-2.622%2.723M13.673BHKD1.23110.152PENews | Chart
00677GOLDEN RES DEVup0.570+1.786%2,280967.522MHKD4.035190.000PENews | Chart
00682CHAODA MODERNdown0.052-8.772%8,762171.370MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00875CHINA FIN INVunchange0.9800.000%12,33098.022MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00904CHINA GREENunchange0.1800.000%0.00065.729MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
00969HUA LIEN INT'Lup0.070+16.667%0.000153.383MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01006CHANGSHOUHUAunchange3.4700.000%0.0001.990BHKD2.8825.174PENews | Chart
01068YURUN FOODdown0.830-2.353%704,7001.513BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01340HUISHENG INTLdown0.115-3.361%15,532101.296MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01387CHINA DILIdown2.650-0.749%116,54015.146BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01610COFCO MEATdown2.630-1.498%16.322M10.262BHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01699PUTIAN FOODdown0.300-4.762%69,600566.700MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
01854GOAL FORWARDunchange0.2370.000%0.000303.360MHKD0.00018.960PENews | Chart
03838CHINA STARCHup0.136+0.741%24,810815.441MHKD8.8243.185PENews | Chart
03889GLOBAL SWEETup0.116+0.870%0.000177.200MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
03999DACHAN FOODdown0.450-2.174%445.000457.285MHKD0.00040.577PENews | Chart
06183CH GREENFRESHunchange0.3700.000%2.667M466.712MHKD0.0002.590PENews | Chart
08120CH DEMETER FINunchange0.2380.000%0.00036.421MHKD0.000PENews | Chart
08269WEALTHGLORY-NEWunchange0.000%0.000PENews | Chart
08586WEALTH GLORYdown0.185-2.632%0.00038.005MHKDPENews | Chart
08609EGGRICULTUREdown0.136-3.546%2,73068.000MHKD0.0006.787PENews | Chart
Remark:  Quote data is at least 15-min delayed. Data updated on: 15/10/2019 11:50
  P/E Range is the comparison of P/E of that stock with the industry, left hand side indicating lower P/E and getting larger towards the right hand side.
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