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06666 恒大物業
Evergrande Property Services
Listing Date2020/12/02
Listing Price8.800
  • 3.570 -0.130 (-3.514%)    Sink Below Listing Price
  • 15-min delayed, last update: 02/12/2021 17:59
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Evergrande Property Services Group is a comprehensive property management service providers in China. Among the Top 100 Property Management Companies in China, the Group ranked second in number of cities covered by its projects; third in each of total revenue, total gross profit and total net profit; third in contracted GFA and fourth in GFA under management, as of or for the year ended December 31, 2019, according to CIA.

The Group manages a diverse portfolio of properties, including mid- to high-end residential properties, office buildings and commercial properties, and have been contracted to manage other types of properties such as theme parks, industrial parks, healthcare complexes, themed towns and schools, among others.

As of June 30, 2020, it was contracted to provide property management services, value-added services to non-property owners and/or community value-added services to 1,354 projects in over 280 cities in 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities and Hong Kong, with a total GFA under management of approximately 254 million sq.m. and contracted GFA of 513.3 million sq.m., serving nearly two million households.

The Group primarily generates revenue from three business lines: property management services; value-added services to non-property owners; and community value-added services. During 2017 to 2019 financial year and the six months up to 30 June 2020, substantially all of revenue from property management services was generated from services provided in relation to properties developed by the Evergrande Group (03333), its Controlling Shareholder.

MarketHong Kong (Main Board)
Business NatureProperties
Board Lot500
Registrar & Transfer OfficeComputershare Hong Kong Investor Services
No. of Offer Shares1,622m shares( (811m new / 811m existing shares)
No. of International Offer Shares1,459m shares( (649m new / 811m existing shares)
No. of HK Offer Shares162m shares
Offer Price$8.50 - $9.75
Nominal ValueUS$ 0.0001 each
Stock Code6666
Joint SponsorsHuatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong), UBS Securities Hong Kong, ABCI Capital, CCB International Capital, CLSA Capital Markets, Haitong International Capital
Joint Global CoordinatorsHuatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) , UBS AG Hong Kong Branch, ABCI Capital, CCB International Capital, CLSA, Haitong International Securities
Joint Lead ManagersHuatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) , UBS AG Hong Kong Branch, ABCI Capital, CCB International Capital, CLSA, Haitong International Securities, CMB International Capital, ICBC International Capital
Joint Lead ManagersHuatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) , UBS AG Hong Kong Branch, ABCI Securities, CCB International Capital, CLSA, Haitong International Securities, CMB International Capital, ICBC International Securities, Fortune (HK) Securities
Application PeriodNov 23 (Mon) - Noon, Nov 26 (Thu)
Price Determination DateOn or Before 5pm, Nov 26 (Thu)
Result Announcement DateOn or Before Dec 1 (Tue)
Dispatch of Shares and Refund ChequesOn or Before Dec 1 (Tue)
Dealings in Shares commence onDec 2, 2020. (Wed)
Reallocation of Shares Offered
Times of HK Offer Shares Subscription14X - 49X49X - 99XOver 99X
% of total shares reallocated to HK Offer14%17%20%
ExecutiveZhao Changlong (Chairman), Hu Liang, Wang Zhen, An Lihong
Independent Non-ExecutiveChan Chun Hung Vincent, Victor Huang, Guo Zhaohui
China Evergrande (03333)59.04%
(Year ended Dec 31)
2020 *20192018
Gross Profit1,737,6871,754,983723,000
Pre-Taxed Profit1,500,2411,229,185310,292
Attributable Profit for the period1,148,735930,232239,075
* For the six months ended June 30, 2020.
Offer Price$8.50 - $9.75
Capitalization$91,892m - $105,405m
Unaudited pro forma adj NAV / share$0.93 - $1.02
Assuming the offer price being at the mid-point of $9.13, the net proceeds raised would be HK$7,230.0m, of which:
* $4,700.0m (65.0%) to pursue strategic acquisition and investment ;
* $1,084.0m (15.0%) to develop value-added services;
* $578.0m (8.0%) to upgrade information system and equipment;
* $145.0m (2.0%) to recruit and cultivate talent ;
* the balance of $723.0m (10.0%) as additional working capital.
Code Name Nominal Change %Change
00873SHIMAO SERVICESdown9.140-0.050-0.544%
01417RIVERINE CHINAunchange1.8300.0000.000%
01538ZHONG AO HOMEunchange0.6100.0000.000%
01755S-ENJOY SERVICEdown13.280-0.540-3.907%
01778COLOUR LIFEunchange1.1600.0000.000%
01895XINYUAN PMunchange2.0180.0000.000%
01941YE XING GROUPdown0.760-0.020-2.564%
01995CIFI ES SERVICEdown13.160-0.140-1.053%
02168KAISA PROSPERdown13.400-0.160-1.180%
02669CHINA OVS PPTdown7.470-0.010-0.134%
02869GREENTOWN SERup7.4200.0901.228%
03662AOYUAN HEALTHYup3.1100.0100.323%
06049POLY PPT SERdown51.700-0.050-0.097%
06093HEVOL SERVICESdown4.220-0.020-0.472%
06098CG SERVICESdown46.650-0.400-0.850%
06666EVERG SERVICESdown3.570-0.130-3.514%
06958ZHENRO SERVICESdown4.640-0.070-1.486%
09909POWERLONG CMup16.4800.0800.488%
09983CC NEW LIFEup5.0600.0400.797%
15-min delayed, last updated: 02/12/2021 17:59
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