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02350 數科集團
Listing Date2022/09/26
Listing Price0.850
  • 0.330 -0.025 (-7.042%)    Sink Below Listing Price
  • 15-min delayed, last update: 24/03/2023 18:00
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    120 lot
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MTT Group is an IT solutions provider established in Hong Kong, primarily engaged in the distribution of IT products in Hong Kong and provision of SI solutions in Hong Kong, the PRC and Macau.

In the value chain of the IT industry, the Group operates in distribution business as an authorised distributor sourcing IT products from IT product vendors and distributing to downstream resellers; and SI solutions business as an SI solutions provider procuring IT products from authorised distributors, integrating them into customised SI solutions and reselling them to endusers. Due to the distinctiveness of the two segments, it conducts distribution business and SI solutions business through two different tradenames, namely, TriTech and Multisoft , respectively.

The Group served over 1,000 customers for each of the three years ended 31 March 2022. Its end-user customers primarily include government, public utility companies, NGOs, SMEs, large multinational and local business enterprises spanning across industries of financial services, property development and healthcare.

MarketHong Kong (Main Board)
Business NatureSoftware & Services
Major Business AreaHong Kong
Board Lot5000
No. of Offer Shares156.25M shares
No. of International Offer Shares78.13M shares
No. of HK Offer Shares78.13M shares
Offer Price$0.80 - $0.86
Stock Code2350
Sponsor(s)Innovax Capital Limited
Underwriter(s)Innovax Securities Limited, China PA Securities (Hong Kong) Company Limited, Canfield Securities Company Limited, Sinomax Securities Limited
Application PeriodSep 13 (Tue) - noon, Sep 16 (Fri)
Price Determination DateSep 16 (Fri)
Result Announcement DateOn or before Sep 23 (Fri)
Result Announcement DateOn or before Sep 23 (Fri)
Dealings in Shares commence onSep 26, 2022. (Mon)
Reallocation of Shares Offered
Times of HK Offer Shares Subscription15X - 50X50X - 100XOver 100X
% of total shares reallocated to HK Offer30%40%50%
Sales Statistics (HKD)
Offer Price$0.80 - $0.86
Capitalization500.00M - 537.50M
NAV / share ($)$0.26 - $0.27 (Unaudited pro forma adj NAV / share)
Use Of Proceeds
Assuming the offer price being at HKD 0.83, the net proceeds raised would be HKD 68.70M, of which
55.3% : Expanding distribution business including enriching product portfolio for distributions; expanding service offerings by launching subscription-based laptop rental services; and expanding workforce
20.4% : Expanding SI solutions business
7.7% : Establishing a new centralised service unit for providing IT maintenance and 24/7 technical support
4.4% : Upgrading equipment, software, hardware and ERP systems
2% : Strengthening marketing effort and improving brand recognition
10.2% : Working capital
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